“And Yet It Moves” Turns Your Head Upside-Down

“And Yet It Moves” Turns Your Head Upside-Down

Puzzle platformers, and those based around gravity, are many, but And Yet It Moves is definitely one you shouldn’t miss.

The game uses a unique papercraft style of art, with music that’s eccentric and catchy. What’s unique about And Yet It Moves, however, is the ability to change the field of gravity at will, which is the only way you’ll be able to solve puzzles and get around obstacles. You’ll travel through jungles, caves, and more, avoiding being squished by a rock, a poorly timed gravity rotation, or, worst of all, falling off the edge of the paper.

With several different modes of play, there’s plenty to keep you occupied if you don’t get stumped by the puzzles. And Yet It Moves is available as a download for Wii, PC, Mac, and Linux.

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