“Rh’a,” a Sci-Fi Short About Space Invaders and Traitors

Kaleb Lechowski’s short film Rh’a is a fascinating sci-fi short where a defender of a futuristic world must fend off a creepy alien invader.

The movie opens with a member of an alien race, known as Rh’a, being tortured by a robot. Despite being faced with almost certain death, the Rh’a defender refuses to give in to his captor. He struggles against his bonds as a flashback explains that he and others like him used to defend the entire solar system against all enemy forces until an internal traitor used their own robots against them. In the wake of the destruction of their city, the defender and other members of the military tried to lure out the robots and destroy them so that they could regroup in a secure location to figure out what happens next.

Although Rh’a seems like your usual sci-fi fare with killer robots, there’s a fascinating twist at the end that we won’t give away. The animation is also stunning; despite that one character is a robot and the other is an alien, they are just as expressive as any human. You won’t be able to look away.

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