Prince Henry Makes a Bad Ass Superhero in “The Royals: Masters of War”

Prince Henry Makes a Bad Ass Superhero in “The Royals: Masters of War”

DC comic The Royals: Masters of War is a fascinating tale set in World War II-era London that combines history and superheroes to create a really intriguing story. But instead of your usual crime fighters like Superman or Wonder Woman, the heroes in this comic are the British royal family. It sounds weird at first, but there’s a catch: in this world, the royal families have supernatural abilities that they keep hidden from the public. But it’s the brash Prince Henry who breaks the rules in order to save his country from Nazi Germany and use his abilities to end the war once and for all.

What’s nice about The Royals: Master of War is that, despite the ridiculousness of its premise, the comic doesn’t gloss over the gritty facts of WWII. The horrors of battle are brought to life, thanks to Simon Coleby’s lifelike artwork, and hammers home the point that such wanton destruction should never be the answer. As for the royals, they’re portrayed as cold and snobby, which makes superhero Prince Henry an even more compelling figure since he’s defiant enough to go against his family’s arrogant ways and fight for the common people. He’s no Clark Kent, though, and his decision to reveal his powers has dangerous repercussions.

If you’re interested in seeing what X-Men and the royal family would look like if they were forced into one medium, The Royals delivers all that and more.

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