GRRL PAL: “Dare”

Don’t get girl/boy electro-pop duo GRRL PAL mixed up with fellow girl/boy electro-pop duo Oh Wonder. They’re both releasing one single a month for 2015, but GRRL PAL is the poppiest of the two (and I haven’t posted a bona fide pop song in awhile, sooo). GRRL PAL’s newest single, “Dare,” is an energetic track that I could describe as “fiery,” but that would be too easy (the chorus is literally “we start fires/ only if you dare,” so I guess that’s already implied). At their best, GRR PAL is good at exploiting the art of repetition to create some obnoxiously catchy tracks that burrow themselves into your brain the way pop music is supposed to. If you like this track, check out the slightly better “Paradise.”

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  1. Stu Basham

    This is a great song. I’m diggin it. I’m also in a guy/girl pop duo that has a single called Fire Escape which I think fits perfectly with this!

    Check it out if you don’t mind:



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