Examine the Lives of Others in “The Girl on the Train”

Examine the Lives of Others in “The Girl on the Train”

Everybody loves people watching, right? But what happens when an innocent little game, often played to pass the time, turns dark? That’s exactly the question Rachel has to answer when she notices the young couple who live near her ex-husband and his new wife don’t exactly have the perfect relationship that she fantasized she had. To make matters worse, one day Rachel catches the young wife, who she dubs “Jess,” in the arms of another man only a few days before the woman’s disappearance. Rachel takes it upon herself to inform the police of what she saw, but only winds up falling deeper into the rabbit hole.

The Girl on the Train isn’t just a straight “whodunit” mystery; Rachel is an alcoholic and an unreliable narrator, too. She is both likeable and a complete mess, which will have you wrestling with whether or not you feel sympathetic for the character. In fact, none of the characters in the novel are all that likeable, and they all have secrets. Thankfully, their secrets and lies are so engaging that you can’t help but keep reading in order to figure out what happened to “Jess” and her husband “Jason.”

The Girl on the Train takes you on a thrilling ride through the dark side of the human psyche, and the final reveal will make your blood run cold once you realize which character has been messing with your head throughout the entire ride.

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