Don’t Shoot the Dog: The Quintessential Dog-Training Manual

Don’t Shoot the Dog: The Quintessential Dog-Training Manual

Anyone who has ever owned a dog has often become frustrated when Fido just doesn’t seem to get the concept of “sit” or even “fetch.” However, unlike Cesar Milan’s outdated methods, famed animal behaviorist Karen Pryor, who revolutionized the training world by introducing the idea of a clicker, offers a simpler way to live in harmony with your pooch in Don’t Shoot the Dog.

Unlike other dog training books, Pryor doesn’t toss difficult-to-understand psychological concepts at the average dog owner. While she does have a good list of academic references, Pryor makes sure to break down tricky concepts so that even the novice dog owner reads the book and goes, “Ahhh, everything makes sense now!”

Aside from teaching clueless humans how to train an unruly Fido, Pryor also teachers you about why positive reinforcement works as well as the different behavioral modifications and why they either work or don’t work. Plus, in an effort to bring about a stronger bond with your dog, Pyror also lists the top ten ways you can “shape” a dog’s behavior so you’re not constantly reprimanding your poor pooch for chowing down on your underwear or eating sticks like they are going out of style. For those of you who don’t know, “shaping” refers to the idea that you can mold an animal into doing behaviors that you want without ever having to even use your voice.

If you’ve ever been ready to tear your hair out with frustration thanks to your beloved pet, Pryor’s classic non-fiction book will definitely be a lifesaver!

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