Forget Men, “Dumped” Is All About the Heartache of Losing a Best Friend

Forget Men, “Dumped” Is All About the Heartache of Losing a Best Friend

There have been so many novels written about the pain of losing the man you love, but what about the pain of losing a best friend? Dumped: Stories of Women Unfriending Women features the talent of 25 different writers, like Jacquelyn Mitchard, Ann Hood, Jessica Handler, Carrie Kabak, and Alexis Paige, who take readers on a whirlwind journey that explores the pain of saying good-bye to your former BFF.

Dumped is a breath of fresh air. It’s tiring to see the same ol’ heartache stories about being dumped by a man. Friendships between women are just as important–after all, pals get dumped too—but for some reason it’s just not talked about as much. These 25 writers change that as they examine the fragile nature of friendships and muse on how quickly everything can fall apart.

Every essay is a little bit different. Some of the stories explore the fragile nature of friendship, while others react to the pain by using humor. Thanks to editor Nina Gaby’s skills, each piece flows in a cohesive manner and allows readers to bond with each narrator. Whether you’re crying your eyes out or laughing at the ridiculous way a friendship has ended, the end result is the same: you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from this collection.

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  1. Nina Gaby

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful review! I had hoped that readers would understand how important it is to honor friendship in the same we way we honor romance. And you did exactly that.


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