Cuushe “Lost My Way”

Japanese dream pop musician Cuushe has a light, airy sound that translates really well visually, from the brightly animated “Airy Me” to the colorful glitched out “I Love You.” Last year’s video for her single “Lost My Way” is no different. Directed by Albert Choi and finalist in the Shot on RED Film Festival, the video shows a woman beautifully going through the stages of an emotional breakdown. The video uses colors to illustrate mood, moving seamlessly from green to red to white. During the video’s climax the color scheme is ruptured to show a realistic scene of a woman in a science lab. Why she’s crying in a science lab? I’m…not sure. But don’t let the video bog you down with interpretations. What matters most is that the video is visually stunning and pairs nicely with Cuushe’s melancholic lullaby, which appears on 2013′s Butterfly Case.

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