Fight Alongside a Teenage Vigilante in “Atlanta Burns”

Fight Alongside a Teenage Vigilante in “Atlanta Burns”

While most graphic novels have a quintessential superhero who can do no wrong, Chuck Wendig’s young adult comic Atlanta Burns takes readers on a thrilling ride alongside a teenage vigilante. Atlanta isn’t Superman or Wonder Woman, thank goodness. She’s a little rough around the edges and makes mistakes. But in the process of saving two kids from bullies, another teen winds up dead by an apparent suicide and Atlanta blames herself.

However, she’s not too brooding like Batman can be, depending on the writer. Atlanta is the perfect mix of flawed and Feminist heroine. She’s so relatable that readers will instantly be drawn to her. Thankfully, there’s no schmoopy love triangle in Atlanta Burns either. Instead, it is an exploration in the repercussions of bullying, the nature of choice, challenging the power dynamics, and standing up for what’s right.

Plus, there’s an intriguing mystery in the plot as well. After her friend’s death, another teen asks Atlanta to figure out who stole her dog, which leads to a heart-stopping adventure that leads our fearless heroine right into the middle of a dog-fighting ring.

Atlanta Brave pulls no punches—the graphic novel is raw, funny, and bold, which is a nice change from all the “girl falls in love with a supernatural creature” books that litter the Young Adult shelves in the bookstore.

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