Dreeps: The RPG For People Who Don’t Want to Do Anything

What’s the worst part of playing a RPG? The time, right? Whether it’s spent grinding or traveling or even figuring out where to go next, the sheer amount of time that a RPG can suck up is just the absolute worst. Let’s cut to the good stuff and just ignore all the other junk, right?

Or, you know, if you’re the creators of Dreeps, you can cut out all of that. Literally.

Dreeps only asks the player to do one thing: set an alarm. The alarm goes off, you and your little avatar wake up, and as you go about your day, so does your RPG hero. He explores new lands, makes friends, battles enemies, and levels up, all without your input. You can check in on him periodically to see how he’s doing, but you don’t have to, and you can’t affect anything he does. Still, it’s sort of a neat idea, of this tiny fantasy pixel-hero peacefully going about his day as you go about yours.

Eventually, your pixel avatar runs out of stamina, so it’s bedtime for him. Ideally, this can be matched up with your own schedule, and you just tap a few buttons to put him to bed before you close your own eyes. (The feeling that you’re getting the raw end of the deal–you have to live your life every morning, while he gets to go fight monsters–gradually steals over you as the game progresses.)

Dreeps is unique in that it’s hard to think of another game that so thoroughly eliminates player input and actually kind of makes you like it. Really, my biggest criticism of Dreeps is…I want to play in it for real.

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