Short Documentary “The Beagle Freedom Project” Highlights the Horrors of Dog Lab Testing

While everyone is talking about the adorable beagle Miss P’s big win at the 2015 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, there are others of her kind who are in desperate need of homes. The documentary RESCUED: The Beagle Freedom Project explores the mistreatment of  beagles in scientific research community. Because the sweet-natured hounds are docile and are the perfect crate size, they are often the breed of choice by scientists who pump the dogs full of toxic chemicals. These cute pups won’t even bite the lab techs who are performing such horrific experiments.

Thankfully, Snoopy’s kin has a champion in Shannon Keith, founder of The Beagle Freedom Project. She started the organization in 2010 after seeing an advertisement about a laboratory that was going out of business and needed to get rid of the dogs or they would’ve been killed. She notified her friends via social media and was able to save them from being put to sleep.

Keith recounts the horrific conditions she’s seen many of the animals in. While the labs won’t usually tell her what’s been done to the beagles, she’s seen some that have developed tumors or who have bleeding and broken teeth after having things like a male hormonal drug like Viagra tested on them–all done in the name of science. She also points out that many of the dogs will “give paw” not to give humans a high-five, but to make drawing blood easier. Plus, most, if not all of the beagles, have PTSD and often find themselves being baffled by the mundane world.

If Miss P could talk, she’d definitely give the Beagle Freedom Project two paws up for saving her cousins.

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