A Mysterious Train Station Full of Wonders Awaits You in “Off-Peak”

As far as surreal exploration games go, Off-Peak definitely succeeds at keeping me interested. While technically your objective is to gather up the pieces of a torn train ticket to get out, you really just spend the majority of the time wandering through a train station studded with oddities and interacting with the even stranger people. Goalless, abstract, and a little self-consciously clever, Off-Peak just steps aside and lets you wander.

The train station of Off-Peak is designed to be visually interesting, which means that yes, sometimes it’s just bizarre. It’s weird and sometimes funny, loaded with references to things I did and didn’t get. It’s part Alice in Wonderland, part collage. There’s something in it for everybody. Turn the corner–you never know what you’ll see.

But there’s a deeper story hidden within your wanderings, if you care to interpret it. The longer you play, the feeling of being trapped in the station slowly steals over you. The station contains multitudes, supplying food, entertainment, alcohol, and pretty much anything you could require, but are you really the one benefiting?

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