Muse On Lost Love in “Unwritten Letters To You”

Muse On Lost Love in “Unwritten Letters To You”

Todd B. LaBarge’s poetry collection Unwritten Letters to You muses on three topics: lost love, those who are longing to fall in love, and couples who have already been lucky enough to find love. Both sides of love are shown in all their glory and heartbreak. Whether it’s the gut wrenching pain of breaking up with your significant other or the joy that you feel when you’re falling in love and all the words seem to be glowing, LaBarge’s poems take the reader on a vibrant journey through the most mysterious of all human emotions.

LaBarge’s writing is honest and plunges to the very bottom of the human heart. Readers will be touched by how raw and lovely each piece is, even if he’s weaving a heartbreaking tale of a couple that has decided to split up. Thankfully, not every poem is so steeped in melancholy. Many of the poems found within are also more light-hearted, recounting the playful feeling of falling in love that will leave you smiling and feeling giddy.

Whether you’re happily married or looking for poetry to mend a broken heart, Unwritten Letters to You takes on every facet of love and turns it into beautiful lyrics that will tug at your soul.

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