Indulge in Your Sarcastic Side in “Fancy Pants Poetry”

Indulge in Your Sarcastic Side in “Fancy Pants Poetry”

If you’re sick of poems that go on and on or are too happy-go-lucky, then you’ll definitely enjoy the biting tone of Agostino Scafidi’s Fancy Pants Poetry. Unlike other poets, Scafidi’s pieces wield the art of sarcasm with a practiced expertise that will leave you feeling as if you’ve been verbally scalded. Dark humor runs rampant throughout his poetry as he muses on life’s bleak outlooks and cynically ponders the question “What is the point of the human experience?”

However, despite the often snarky nature of his poems, there’s also a sense of rebellion, and oddly enough, a feeling that despite life’s curveballs, there’s still a light at the end of the tunnel, if only we have the patience and courage to keep going. For example, he points out that even though we all desire to fit it, sometimes it’s a futile effort. Still, Scafidi is incredibly blunt in pointing out that some people aren’t ready to hear the truth and uses biting humor to showcase how foolish their efforts are.

Despite the sarcasm, Scafidi’s philosophical thoughts reveal the complexities of life and remind us that as long as we can laugh, even if we have to use dark humor, everything might work out in the end.

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