Spoiler Alert: Everyone Dies in RPG Puzzler “Vidar”

While death is a permanent tragedy of life, the same can’t be said for its presence in video games. Is there any other medium that considers death so trivial? (Well, comic books.) Vidar aims to change that.

Made in RPG Maker, Vidar opens with a Stranger walking into a small town with a dark secret. Unlike most small towns of this type, the secret’s not that secret. Every night, another villager dies, killed by a creature only known as the Beast. The Stranger finds himself trapped along with the townspeople and must figure out how to stop the beast and help the villagers before 24 days pass, even if for no reason other than to engineer his own escape.

Vidar’s big hook is that the deaths are randomized, changing each playthrough and creating random puzzles. Characters alive in one playthrough might die at the start of the next. If they live long enough, their stories might change as they grow, but the loss of their friends, family and neighbors takes their story arcs into different directions each night.

It’s an intriguing hook, flipping the cheapness of death on its head and making video game deaths matter. Their Kickstarter met their funding goal recently and demos for Mac, Window and Linux are available.

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