“Petrichor,” a Puzzle-Platformer About Gaming in the Rain

Petrichor–a word that Google tells me means the smell of rain after a long dry spell–is a moody, slightly melancholy puzzle platformer. A young girl sits dry and warm in front of a fire under a ledge. Outside, the rain comes down steadily. Does she stay safe or does she go?

It’s a game, so she goes. The developer’s logs discuss the concept of “casual magic,” perhaps best exemplified when she gains her first item–a red umbrella. Triggering it protects her head from the cascading waterfalls that block her path. Because it’s a game, she can’t just walk around them, so the umbrella is crucial and, yes, weirdly magical in this regard.

The girl progresses through her world, collecting notes that grant her mundane powers. These notes have been sitting out in the rain for eternity however, so if she wants to access the ability to jump or drop down or run, she has to find a fire, dry the note out, and read it. Casual magic again?

It’s an odd little game, sort of sad and thoughtful. It plays quickly despite some mild backtracking, so if you have a spare 20 to 30 minutes, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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