Feline Fanciers’ New Tourist Destination Spot: Cat Island

The Internet is obsessed with cats, but feline fanciers are taking it to another level by visiting the Japanese island of Aoshima, better known as “Cat Island.” Officially, there’s only 22 humans living on the island, but the tourists don’t care about the old timers when there are more than 120 adorable feral cats to feed and pet. Although the only way to get back and forth from Aoshima and the rest of mainland Japan is a ferry that runs twice a day, cat lovers are flocking to the island anyway to hang out with some of the felines.

Back in the day, the cats were brought over to the island to help fishermen deal with their mice problem, but as the population declined and there was nobody around to spay or neuter the cats, their numbers swiftly sky-rocketed.

However, if you want to chill with the cats on Aoshima, you might have to wait. The ferry can only accommodate 34 people per day. Still, it’s clear from the Reuters interview that cat fanciers don’t mind, especially since one young lady admits that it is very relaxing to hang out with an army of felines that roam the island. Given how much the Internet loves cats, it wouldn’t be a surprise if some young entrepreneur wound up sprucing up the island, buy a ferry that shuttles tourists more than twice a day, and creating a hotel on Aoshima sometime in the future so that tourists can spend a few days surrounded by their favorite animal!

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