Beyond Bechdel: Testing Feminism in Film

Since it’s Women’s History Month, this video by Fandor Keyframe seems particularly relevant. We love their film analysis videos and have posted a few in the past already. Probably one of the most interesting thing about Fandor’s video essays is how they critique the Bechdel Test, a film criteria often used by feminists to test if a film is pro-women or not. However, the Bechdel Test isn’t perfect, and their video Beyond Bechdel: Testing Feminism in Film goes in-depth into the library of feminist films that surprisingly don’t pass the Bechdel Test. The video argues that Bechdel-approved films like Slacker, which only has one short scene that passes the Bechdel Test, do not outweigh films like Museum Hours, which doesn’t pass the Bechdel Test but has richly developed female characters. It’s probably best if we just let them explain it.

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