Broadcast “Echo’s Answer”

I was just 14 years old when my brother sat me down and played “Echo’s Answer” for me. He was into harder music–bands like Nine Inch Nails and Linkin Park. He thought Broadcast was more “my thing.” He was right.

Broadcast, an indie electronic band from Birmingham, was the kind of band that had a certain allure to them. Maybe it was Trish Keenan’s soft but recognizable vocals or the dreamy ’60s pop sound they later adapted as their trademark. Whatever the reason, the band had a quiet notoriety that lasted throughout their decade-long career. After Keenan’s death in 2011, the band’s last and only member unsuccessfully tried to keep the band afloat and released an album in 2013. But the band just wasn’t the same without Keenan, and so the band quietly died along with her.

This month, Warp Records is reissuing all of Broadcast’s out-of-print albums on vinyl, including personal favorites Tender Buttons and Haha Sound. Some albums also include a snazzy booklet, which you can buy here. Now is your chance to discover (or rediscover) one of the best bands from the ’00s.

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