Learn About the Ties That Bind in “The Secrets of Midwives”

Learn About the Ties That Bind in “The Secrets of Midwives”

In Sally Hepworth’s The Secrets of Midwives, three generations of women struggle against the secrets that eat away at their lives. The main theme of the novel is how keeping secrets can have drastic consequences and how problems are passed from generation to the next.

Like her grandmother before her, Neva Bradley feels that it is better to hide the identity of her child’s father from both her family and friends. However, over the course of the novel, Neva has to decide whether it is better to let the truth stay hidden or finally speak up, even though it would mean the destruction of her world.

The three women’s tales are told in alternating chapters, which allows the story to build up at a steady pace and also gives you a deeper understanding of how deeply their tales are entwined. While our society muses on “the joy of motherhood,” The Secrets Of Midwives shows the dark side that is so rarely discussed. From the absolutely awful pain that is childbirth to the psychic trauma that mothers feel when making sacrifices in order to keep their children safe and happy, Hepworth’s novel is an ode to mothers everywhere.

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