One of the Most Important Scenes in “True Detective”

I was late jumping on the True Detective wagon and didn’t finish the first season until a few months ago. But despite all the twists and turns and backwater New Orleans weirdness, one of my favorite scenes is the one where detectives Rust and Marty observe a raucous church service. In his typically cynical way, Rust drawls on about the fallacy of religion while Marty unsuccessfully tries to counter his argument. Although some might see this scene as an attack on religion, the conversation actually reveals more about Rust and Marty’s characters than you realize. It’s this contrast in their personalities, and the way they form a respectful relationship despite their differences, that makes it one of the best things about the show. And yet, it’s through this thought-provoking observation about religion that writer Nic Pizzolatto brings that dynamism together. Intense.

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