Aloa Input “Perry”

Borrowing heavily from inspirations that range from The Flaming Lips to Beck, German three-piece Aloa Input are proud when you describe their music as “all over the place.” In fact, it’s their motto. The word “input” is a nod to how every member of the band inputs their ideas, whether it’s a drum beat from South Africa or a guitar riff from Portland. But for their second album, Aloa Input matures their world-bending sound by injecting it with some much-needed retro sass (because hey, you can never go wrong with retro sass), creating a throwback sound that’s still not of this planet. “Perry” is the perfect example, stringing together a futuristic take on old Westernized blues. Oh, and if the futuristic wordplay wasn’t obvious enough, their sophomore album is titled Mars Etc. Get ready for blast off.

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