This 1991 Documentary Reveals Alanis Morissette’s Teen Pop Origins

Way before Alanis Morissette morphed into Jagged Little Pill-era Alanis, she was a Canadian teen pop star not unlike Robin Sparkles. She had big hair, performed in packed malls full of screaming teens with equally ridiculous hair, and sang sexually seductive tracks written by old men. Of course, we all know how this story ends–with Alanis taking control over her career and becoming an iconic singer-songwriter–but it’s interesting to see how it all began. Too Hot!, a 1991 documentary, goes behind the scenes of Alanis’s cheesy pop origins, splicing together interview clips, performances, and music videos. As a non-hardcore Alanis fan who was aware of pre-Jagged Little Pill Alanis but never witnessed it for myself, this is weird to watch. But hey, I guess we all gotta start somewhere.

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