“Sorcery!” Is an Old School Adventure Brought to Modern Interfaces

I bought Sorcery! a while ago, but Inkle Studio’s 80 Days captured me so thoroughly that I basically forgot that they had other games. Which is a shame, really, because while 80 Days is a beautiful and captivating reimagining of a classic, Sorcery! takes on Steve Jackson’s magnum opus and translates it to the portable screen to frankly thrilling effect. The biggest change that Inkle Studio makes is including sound for an even more immersive experience.

The user interface is, unsurprisingly, changed to suit tablets and phones, but I’d argue that the fighting scenes are an improvement over rolling a set of dice and allow for more strategy on the fly. Text is kept fairly minimal, appearing in small chunks that you can read quickly before pressing onward for more options.

It’s been a decade since I thought of the original Sorcery!, but I pronounce myself extremely impressed by the iOS adaptation and how it uses the mobile interface. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the source material, Sorcery! is still a fast-paced high fantasy in a land teeming with assassins, trolls, giants, and human monsters. The biggest criticism I’d have to make about it is…well, where’s the rest?

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