“Godville” Lets You Feed Your Ego via a Zero-Player Mobile Game

Godville and Dreeps, though visually dissimilar, are aimed at my demographic exactly: the lazy but easily entertained gamer. Both are RPGs that follow an autonomous hero through a rich fantasy world, but where Dreeps is sincere, Godville is irreverent, mocking itself cheerfully. Because, come on–a Zero Player Game?

My hero, Neris (a name I made up by mashing my fingers all over the keyboard), is blessed by her patron goddess Mrs. Mustache (that’s me). I can encourage her or punish her, but either way, Neris is under no obligation to listen…and she really doesn’t, complaining mightily about my smiting while pounding back beers and picking fights with monsters before looting their corpses. I found myself getting attached to her and laughing out loud at her antics, which are delivered through short diary entries that describe what she’s up to and the trouble she’s in. She’s always in trouble, and I pray to Me that one day she’ll actually listen to Mrs. Mustache, who frets sometimes and showers her in healing potions, sort of like an overprotective and out-of-touch parent.

Godville is funny and weird and super laid back. Obviously, this type of game isn’t for everyone–anyone who wants to have an actual impact on the gameplay, for instance–but if you want to let your hero rampage through the countryside in your honor, well, check it out.

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