Capture Life’s Beauty in “Crow-Work”

Capture Life’s Beauty in “Crow-Work”

One of the great sorrows of life is that beautiful moments are too short—they last for a brief instant before they’re gone forever.

In Eric Pankey’s heartbreakingly exquisite poetry collection Crow-Work, he explores the eternal question: How do you capture a moment in time using art before it is gone for good?

Pankey’s desire to answer this eternal burning question drives him to muse over different famous artists in his poems, from Caravaggio to how James Turrell experimented with light and color in his artwork. The poet uses his words to paint on the page the exact moment where emotion and energy flood a piece, when someone looks at the canvas and is stunned by its beauty.

However, by discussing what it is that makes us linger by the work of famous artists at museums, Pankey likens the burst of genius to the fleeting moments of life–there one minute and gone the next. The only way to briefly re-capture the emotions in that point of time is to either take a picture or to immortalize it using different methods of art.

If you’re looking for something inspiring, Crow-Work is a loving ode to life’s fleeting moments and attempts to bring to life the feeling of inspiration itself.

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