Dark Humor Reigns in “Mr. Happy,” a Short Film Starring Chance The Rapper

Director Colin Tilley is best known for creating music videos for people like Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj, but he tries his hand with narrative in Mr. Happy, a delightfully dark short film with a twist ending. In the film, a depressed guy, played by Chance The Rapper, tries to kill himself. But too cowardly to do the deed himself, he turns to the Internet for help. One night he stumbles across a mysterious site called Mr. Happy. The site promises to deliver a quick and speedy death for only $10,000. Desperate, he whips out his credit card and picks his death of choice: a bullet to the head. The site promises to end his life on Valentine’s Day, and…things only get weirder from there.

Probably my favorite thing about the film is how it plays with conventions. The main character’s love interest starts off as a one-dimensional manic pixie archetype, but her character turns out to be more than she appears. Without giving anything away, the film excels at using tropes to lead you astray, only to surprise you when it goes in another direction. Warning, slightly NSFW.

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