“All True Not a Lie in It” Is the True Story of Daniel Boone

“All True Not a Lie in It” Is the True Story of Daniel Boone

Alix Hawley’s historical fiction novel All True Not a Lie in It recounts Daniel Boone’s life, but instead of presenting the pioneer as a macho “manly man,” her Boone is complex, sensitive, and adventurous. She recounts his life, starting from growing up in a Quaker colony, to being captured by a Native American tribe. There’s a tender love story between Boone and his wife Rebecca and a devastating plot twist that involves Boone’s children.

Getting inside Boone’s head is fascinating, especially when it comes to the complicated yet still devoted love with Rebecca. Their love story is enthralling, fresh, and above all, natural. There’s no Twilight-esque clichés, and Boone is certainly no romantic hero a la Raoul De Chagny from Phantom of the Opera either. His Quaker childhood also plays a huge role in how Boone interacts with the world as well. He’s determined to find a place where he honestly believes he can create a “clean” world, only to bitterly discover that death, trouble, and complications of every sort will follow the pioneers wherever they go.

Getting to hear Boone’s story from his own lips and share in his joys and sorrows is what makes Hawley’s debut novel such an enthralling read.

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