• Artist Spotlight: Onohana

    From "Origami of Landscape"

  • Artist Spotlight: Onohana

    From "such a good place to die"

  • Artist Spotlight: Onohana

    From Vampillia's "mirror mirror" MV

  • Artist Spotlight: Onohana

    From "Crazy Little Thing"

Artist Spotlight: Onohana

We first heard of Japanese animator Hana Ono, who goes by the nickname Onohana, a year ago when we stumbled across her gorgeous short film, Origami of Landscape. Since then, she’s been working with animation collective Onionskin (who produce some pretty amazing music videos) and produced a short film, Crazy Little Thing. The film, about a girl who strangles a man with a noose, unleashing a symbolic look into the world of loneliness, won the prestigious Noburō Ōfuji Award.

Now that the recent grad student is winning accolades, now seems like a good time to formally introduce you to her work. Although Crazy Little Thing isn’t available to watch on the Internet, you can watch the trailer. All of Onohana’s trademark quirks are there, from the way she uses sketches to the abstract way she combines color and movement. Above, a few other samples of her work. (Hat tip: Nishikata Film Review)

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