Code 7: A Modern Take on Text Games

Proof that text adventures aren’t synonymous with plain, Code 7 is a sci-fi horror game that manages to feel futuristic instead of retro. Taking place in an abandoned AI-research facility, the game opens with a two-man hacker team attempting to find each other, navigating puzzles and corpses alike while struggling to find out what’s happening.

But things are never simple, of course.

You play as Alex, a hacker whose communications system has been stripped down to text only. Your companion, Sam, needs your help to make her way through the locked doors. Death lurks around every corner, something’s lurking in the computers, and inputting the wrong command can lead to a game over, as I discovered to my chagrin a few times. The occasional hacking puzzle slows progress, but they are a minor frustration in an overall creepy and dark game.

Code 7 shines by updating what a text adventure looks like. There’s a beauty in the simplicity of Twine games, and the presentation of 80 Days still stands head and shoulders above the rest of the sub-genre, but Code 7 is by far the most innovative take I’ve seen yet. The voice acting doesn’t hurt either.

Code 7 is currently on Steam Greenlight where, if approved, it plans on releasing five more episodes. For the sake of Sam and Alex, I hope to see more.

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