A Quick Lesson on Photography, With Help From Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry‘s photographs are world famous—you’ve likely seen a few of them in your lifetime, even if you didn’t realize McCurry was the photographer. His ability to compose an image is well-learned and often stunning in its execution. While this type of photographic genius can’t be learned overnight, this new video by the Cooperative of Photography does well at dissecting McCurry’s work and providing some useful tips for aspiring photographers.

From the rule of thirds to the use of diagonal lines, there are lessons in this video that are bound to make any photograph more striking. It may take some practice to actually put all of the information to use, but being able to visually deconstruct McCurry’s beloved photography is a great way to remember what it is you’re learning.

Even if you’re not a photographer, this video is worth watching for the curated images alone. Check. It. Out.

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