Infinite Platformer “Paperthin” Randomly Generates a New Game Every Time

Paperthin is light on story and substance, but it makes up for that by promising infinite replayability. A platformer with randomly generated levels, it’s designed to challenge and frustrate at once. And in those terms, it definitely succeeds.

Paperthin is really, really hard. Admittedly, I lack that innate sense of timing you need to succeed, and I don’t have the controller the developer recommends playing with, but even so, I suspect that more talented gamers would find the game deceptively difficult. Part of that is the minimalistic gameplay–you can jump, dash, double-jump, and no more. The only way to demolish enemies is to use the dash attack. Paperthin even manages to stack enemies in a way that fighting can be surprisingly frantic and desperate, though it’s worth noting that if you’re interested in surviving multiple levels, it’s easier to do your best to avoid them all.

Visually, Paperthin is proof that you don’t need high quality graphics to look polished or stylish. The gray-on-gray columns in the background evoke a desolate atmosphere heightened by the rough pixellated set pieces. Even the white avatar betrays a surprising amount of detail close-up.

Of course, whether there’s a story or not behind Paperthin, it doesn’t change the fact that the game is exactly what it sets out to be: an infinite platformer that you can return to over and over again for a new experience.

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