“Feisty Fido” Is a Must-Own Book for Dog Owners

“Feisty Fido” Is a Must-Own Book for Dog Owners

Most dog owners dream of having a well-behaved dog who politely greets other canines while outside on a leash and wouldn’t dream of kicking up a fuss. Unfortunately, not every dog has leash manners and some struggle with what dog trainers like to call “leash reactivity.” Basically, they bark, lunge, and generally make complete fools of themselves whenever they see another dog, which in turn makes the owners feel embarrassed because their dogs aren’t like Fluffy across the street who wouldn’t dream of acting the way their dog does.

In Patricia McConnell’s Feisty Fido: Help for the Leash-Reactive Dog, she breaks down the concept and causes of leash reactivity, which definitely helps owners who have been beating themselves up over how badly they trained their dogs. Aside from reassuring baffled dog lovers everywhere, McConnell also breaks down difficult techniques into three simple methods. After all, when your dog gets into a reactive fit, the last thing you’re going to be thinking about is a difficult psychological concept—you’ll be acting on instinct. Therefore, the author’s advice helps owners implement into their daily routine, which over time, will help lessen the episodes.

While McConnell goes into great detail and takes a very scientific approach, her writing style isn’t stuffy. The book is short and her tone is approachable. Needless to say, this is a huge relief to anyone who is the ashamed owner of a reactive dog. Now you know the causes and have a tried-and-true method to rehabilitate your pet.

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