Relax, or Not, with “Osmos”

Relax, or Not, with “Osmos”

Every once in a while you come across a game that masquerades as a meditation but is actually hair-pullingly difficult. Osmos is one of them.

The music is calm and ambient. The gameplay is slow and the premise simple: you control an orb that must absorb smaller orbs, while avoiding larger ones. Moving around expels bubbles, which reduces your size and can help other orbs grow larger and, therefore, more dangerous. Levels have different goals, such as to become the largest or to absorb a particularly devilish orb. The game can be relaxing at times: slowly absorbing orbs and growing is simple and satisfying. But at others, you’ll want to curse out your computer and take a break with something easier, like Dark Souls. Prepare to die again and again.

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