A Small Robot Finds Himself an Unlikely Hero in “Scrap Garden”

Strongly reminiscent of Pixar’s Wall-EScrap Garden is an adventure platformer following Canny, a small robot who wakes up to find its entire world gone. The city remains beautiful, but signs of decay riddle its streets, whether in the form of rust or frozen robots caught mid-action. Giant rats and spiders provide some menace, but they are not the only dangers lurking in the shadows.

The demo for Scrap Garden is short but quite beautiful, though there are some improvements to the camera that I would dearly love to see made. Provided you solve  the first objective in a timely manner (the solution proved embarrassingly easy, but took me far longer than I’d care to admit), the demo lasts 15 to 20 minutes, giving you a preview of the kinds of environments we can expect to find in the completed version. The city is lovely and even charming, but when exploring indoors, things take a sinister twist.

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