Jenny Hval “Sabbath”

It’s a little surprising to see how much media attention there is surrounding Norwegian singer-songwriter Jenny Hval’s upcoming album Apocalypse, girl, considering her previous album, Innocence is Kinky which was also my favorite album of 2013, got zero attention, sans this review by popular music reviewer TheNeedleDrop who panned it. But I guess Hval’s in-your-face brand of raw, sexual emotion takes some getting use to, but it’s nice to see she’s gradually winning people over. It probably helps that her music is stronger than ever, too. This track off her upcoming album is definitely one of the most melodic she’s made, harnessing an innocuous sing-song chorus that doesn’t match the darker, more passionate lyrics within. “It’s not about submission,” she sings, which makes me wonder if this album will reveal a kinder, more emotional side instead of her usual overly analyzed sexual provocativeness. Whatever it is, it’s definitely catchier.

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