“The Quantum Thief” Is Cyberpunk Not Intended for the Casual Reader

“The Quantum Thief” Is Cyberpunk Not Intended for the Casual Reader

Do you remember first being introduced to Shakespeare in language arts classes? How impossible it was to understand the world the characters were set in or understand the era in which the story’s morals were entrenched in without a teacher droning on and on about it for at least an hour before ever reading a line of dialogue?

Well, Hannu Rajaniemi probably did, and he decided that The Quantum Thief was not going to do any of that hand-holding crap for its readers. You are simply subsumed by the world of Jean le Flambeur. The book is hardcore science fiction mixed with a detective mystery plot with just the tiniest dash of Douglas Adams’ brand of space adventure, a la flirtatious spacecrafts and the use of overwhelming understatements when coming across the fantastic and utterly strange.

The writing is beautiful. When you aren’t confused by the descriptions of futuristic gadgetry and Mars aristocracy, it’s otherwise an engaging, immersive experience as you begin to pick up the lingo of coherent payloads and ghostgun nanomissiles. The Quantum Thief is a different kind of book in only the best ways. It’s fun, very cool, original,  and has a pretty substantial Wiki-page full of links for when you get a bit lost.

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