“Why We Broke Up” Is a YA Book That’s Actually Worth Reading

“Why We Broke Up” Is a YA Book That’s Actually Worth Reading

Dear Ed,

In a sec you’ll hear a thunk. At your front door, the one nobody uses.

And so begins Daniel Handler’s young adult novel, Why We Broke Up. Okay, before you roll your eyes at yet another YA breakup book, let me defend this work of fiction by Handler.

The structure of this story is as unique as its masterful illustrations by the always talented Maira Kalman, unfolding in ways that will keep you riveted and engaged with the protagonist and her narrative. This a breakup story told through a collection of items… yes, that’s that “thunk” at the front door. A pack of matches, a rubber band, a roll of color film, and the list goes on and on.

Only a talented author can make a box of junk signify so much, and Handler does that and then some. While the plot will have you hanging on the page, the story’s form will have you wanting to reread every word. Filled with lucrative wordplay and an unraveling of emotions, this novel has more layers than your average YA read.

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