20-Somethings Moving Back in With Your Parents, This Game Is for You

Three Fourths Home reads a bit like it was ripped from my nightmares, or at least the ones that involve talking in circles with my mom for several hours while I’m quizzed on my aspirations and ordered to come up with a 15-year plan on the spot. For that reason alone, it’s easy to recommend Three Fourths Home, though I very much suspect that some people will be frustrated by the simplicity and its artsiness.

Three Fourths Home takes about 20 minutes to complete. It has a narrative to tell and while there is space for player input–primarily in the creation of your family, your relationship with them slowly revealed through a series of choices–it sticks to its guns. Kelly’s not necessarily on bad terms with her family, but she’s an independent 24-year-old who finds herself chafing under house rules, and sometimes she just needs to get…away. On her way back home, however, she finds herself caught in a storm and ends up driving through the rain while taking a phone call from her mom.

It’s a simple and quiet game, visually simple but immersive nevertheless, capturing the weird ennui and ambivalence of coming home and not being sure if you’ve failed.

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