Hilariously Shocking “Housebound” Is Not Your Average Ghost Flick

I didn’t enjoy the first 30 minutes of Housebound, a New Zealand horror-comedy that I thought was sorely lacking in both horror and comedy. But the film’s strength is in its unpredictability. What starts off as an average ghost flick morphs into something else entirely. It’s gross, it’s frightening, and yes, it’s freaking hilarious.

With the exception of Starry Eyes and It Follows, lately most of my favorite horror films have been of the foreign variety. While The Babadook has been the foreign horror darling as of late, Housebound might soon be taking that spot. There’s even a remake already in the works. But unlike The Babadook, Housebound isn’t about psychological demons or anything serious. Instead, the film follows a young woman who is under house arrest at her mother’s house after attempting to steal money from an ATM. Not only is she bored being stuck at her parents’ house all day, there’s a pesky ghost in the basement who is slowly driving her crazy.

The less I say about this film, the better. Its strength is in its shock factor, especially in how it can scare the pants off you while making you laugh two seconds later, which is no easy feat. Now if only I understood New Zealand accents better…

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