Slam Poetry Simulator “Edda” Invites You to Battle, Old Norse-Style

Slam Poetry Simulator “Edda” Invites You to Battle, Old Norse-Style

when you encounter
one of your kind
you must use their own
weapons against them

wise, humerous
sensitive, ancient. 
four types of poets.
can you best them all?

The answer, if you’re wondering, is “no.” The concept of a slam poetry sim might sound silly–and Edda is quite lighthearted–but it took way too many attempts to best even one out of the four poets, demonstrating that silly or no, these poets aren’t kidding around. To my great shame, I had to look up what an eddic poem is and learned that they are alliterative and rely on unstressed syllables, at which point I gave up understanding and started forming the silliest or faux-profound phrases I could. I’m particularly proud of to see the fire / with land aflame / with land weary / with land awake, though don’t ask me to explicate it.

The concept of a slam poetry battle is intriguing and potentially great fun. Edda has a different spin than I would have expected, but the image of Norse poets duking it out via wordplay instead of swordsmanship is pretty entertaining. When defeated, the poet utters the phrase “your words, they pain my heart,” and I’m honestly still not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult, but I’ll take it.

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