Reimagine Classic Literature in “Sound and Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk”

Reimagine Classic Literature in “Sound and Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk”

If you’re sick of seeing the same old classic literature authors on the shelves of your local bookstore and are in the mood for something exciting, the science-fiction anthology Sound and Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk should certainly be right up your alley. While the authors of the short stories do borrow from the Bard, the end result is Shakespeare as you’ve never seen him before.

For example, Macbeth is adapted into a dystopian cyberpunk tale that cautions you about being careful what you wish for. Yet despite the futuristic setting, each of the five authors manage to preserve the heart of Shakespeare’s tales, and literature geeks will enjoy scouring each piece for little nods to the original tale, too.

That’s another great thing about this anthology—some have found Shakespeare hard to read and these stories manage to break down the heart of the play while still building fascinating new worlds for you to get lost in. Aside from remixing Shakespeare for a new audience, the anthology also muses on the consequences of humans building artificial intelligence and if our hubris in building sentient robots could ultimately wind up being our downfall as well.

If you don’t feel like reading Elizabethan English but still enjoy works of the Bard, Sound and Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk is an enjoyable alternative whose stories will certainly leave you musing about the role of technology in our lives.

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