Find Healing in Susan Palwick’s “Mending the Moon”

Find Healing in Susan Palwick’s “Mending the Moon”

Susan Palwick’s dark novel Mending the Moon muses on the bizarre paths that life takes someone as they attempt to heal from the tragic loss of a loved one.

An American tourist named Melinda Soto is murdered while on vacation in Mexico and her adopted son Jeremy is traumatized by her loss. His mother also left behind a close circle of friends, all of whom are grieving alongside her beloved Jeremy. To make matters worse, Melinda’s murderer is a Seattle teenager and after accepting an invitation to his memorial service, oddly enough, Jeremy finally starts the healing process.

The novel is full of depth and feeling—whether it’s the tension-filled relationship Jeremy had with his brilliant mother and her charismatic circle of friends or the bone-deep grief that cuts him like a knife as he struggles to come to terms with his parent’s tragic death. The murderer’s mother is also given a sympathetic and well-rounded portrayal, as she struggles to comes to terms with her son’s deeds as well as juggle a distant husband, intrusive in-laws, and the usual mundane concerns of life.

Mending is a powerful book that not only showcases grief in a visceral way but also celebrates the way we connect to others, regardless of background.

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