“DAGDROM” Trusts You to Figure It Out

“DAGDROM” Trusts You to Figure It Out

DAGDROM takes place in a soft, monochromatic world, but as your headless sprite leaps from platform to platform firing balls of paint that solidify objects around you, the world becomes awash in bright colors and shifting gradients. Obstacles that seemed daunting become easy to pass after the application of art, and if there’s a metaphor in there, well, it’d hardly be surprising.

DAGDROM doesn’t offer much in terms of explanation, trusting you to experiment and figure out the physics and logic of the world on your own. To aid you, the game is very forgiving of death; missing a jump just zaps you back to your previous position, no harm done. Success is rewarded with compliments and encouragements.

The game is not especially challenging, but DAGDROM is designed to make you feel good about yourself. It’s not quite in the category of warm games, but it evokes some of the same emotions of relaxation and pleasure. Few puzzles are designed to frustrate the player, while the rainbow hues of your paint make the process of figuring things out both visually pleasing and fun.

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