An Introduction to Wakaliwood, Uganda’s Latest Film Wave

When it comes to African films, most are familiar with Nollywood but not much else. But there’s a surprising new film wave popping up in the most unlikely location: the Wakaliga slum of Uganda. Appropriately given the name Wakaliwood by fans, these low budget action films are inspired by old school kung-fu flicks and harness a cheeky DIY spirit. Vice explores the new craze in their latest video, interviewing director Nabwana I.G.G who edits all his films from a beat-up Dell computer. With next to no budget, the film crew has to be creative. All the props for the films are hand-built by a guy who glues motorcycle handles to fake bazooka guns, and all the stunts are done by the actors who are all self-trained in kung-fu. And if this short doc has piqued your interest, you can currently download Who Killed Captain Alex (billed as Uganda’s “first action film”) for free off Wakaliwood’s official site. Jesus kung-fu!

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