It’s Just a Boy and an Adventure in Old School “Elliot Quest”

In contrast to previous platformer review DAGDROMElliot Quest is not nearly so forgiving. It looks like a beautifully traditional game, evoking comparisons to Legend of Zelda straight off the bat in its story of a boy adventuring in the woods…and yet, something more ominous lurks. “Not yet,” says a voice. “I need more time.”

It takes a little adventuring and exploring–something the game encourages and rewards, refraining from giving you a set quest order to limit your gameplay–but Elliot Quest is about a boy who discovers he can’t die and is possessed by a demon. Elliot Quest opens into a large world, its scenes littered with 8-bit flair that still sparks interest despite, let’s face it, massive pixel fatigue since every game in the past two years seems to have relied on pixel art. Enemies range from easily dispatched balls of goop to more formidable dragons. There is a long and well-done story in Elliot Quest, but the game prefers to let its players discover it on their own through gameplay and exploration rather than text, which is an interesting way of delivering a slightly complicated tale. Still, whether you prefer story-driven games or not, Elliot Quest is a fun, challenging platformer littered with monsters and puzzles.

Don’t spend your lives too quickly though. Elliot might not be able to die and just zap back to his previous checkpoint, but these checkpoints are few and far between, and Elliot can only take a few hits before succumbing to his injuries. Elliot Quest never tries to get too clever or fancy, always sticking true to what it is: a boy, an adventure, and a world ripe for exploring.

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