Adia Victoria “Howlin’ Shame”

I first stumbled across Nashville singer/songwriter Adia Victoria last year when her single “Stuck in the South” slithered into my inbox one day. I was intrigued by her, but I needed to hear a bit more from her first before I wrote up some hyperbolic drool-fest.

Now with two singles under belt, “Sea of Sand” and “Howlin’ Shame,” I think it’s safe to say that Victoria has something special that needs to be heard. But from someone who doesn’t listen to a lot of country or blues music, my favorite thing about Victoria is her dark Portishead-esque sound that oozes through her twang, casting a more haunting approach to her music that’s simply entrancing. Her most recent track, “Howlin’ Shame,” is probably the moodiest of the bunch, with lyrics that echo the bitter Southern angst of her standout single. With a U.S. tour planned and an upcoming spread in Teen Vogue, Victoria is a name and face you’re just going to have to get used to.

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