Soley “Ævintýr”

Soley‘s debut We Sink was barely a blip on people’s radars when it first dropped in 2011. But gradually over the years, her popularity grew thanks to standout track “We Sink” that was featured prominently throughout YouTube. After taking a brief parental hiatus, she returned with an EP in 2014 and released her sophomore album, Ask The Deep, earlier this month. I haven’t gotten around to listening to the whole thing yet, but judging by the singles, Soley branches away from the “girl with a piano” sound of her debut, showing growth and maturity and a new sound that’s richer and more confident. Like the soundtrack of every girl’s psychotic skip through a fairytale forest, “Ævintýr” taps into something deeper. It might have taken her awhile to get there, but we’re a lot better for it.

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