“Cut-up Apologetic” Understands Your Fear of Death

“Cut-up Apologetic” Understands Your Fear of Death

Jamie Sharpe’s second poetry collection Cut-up Apologetic explores our society’s fear of aging and the reasons why we constantly mourn our lost youth. With brutal honesty, his poems point out how our fear of aging is linked to a fear of immortality. As people, we want to leave our mark on the world—a mark that would allow us to live forever, long after we’ve shuffled off this mortal coil. In the collection, the author uses finely honed sarcasm when he explains why we, as a society, are so insatiable in terms of buying material goods: we’re afraid of being forgotten and we consume without a second thought in an attempt to soothe our souls.

Despite the author’s honesty, he is not above critiquing his own lifestyle and freely admits that he’s often fallen prey to corporate America’s arbitrary rules about aging and discrimination as well. In the end, Cut-up Apologetic is a melancholic look at the foibles of modern society, and it explores our struggles, fears, and our desire to be remembered for ages to come.

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