This Web Series Is Part Sitcom, Part Cooking Show

Thanks to Girls and Broad City, the internet seems over-saturated with these “20-somethings in Brooklyn” scripted web shows that go overboard with tweeness and hip references. Fortunately, Eat Our Feelings is refreshingly different. I first stumbled across them while searching for food documentaries on Vimeo, which took me to their Chopping an Onion video. At first I was confused, “Is this a sitcom or a cooking show?” But after watching their episode Sandwich Time, I was hooked. Each episode begins like a comedy skit before segueing into a cooking show. From grilled cheese sandwiches to gourmet pizza, they focus on healthy but easy meals that can be cooked by anyone who’s not a complete klutz in the kitchen. Combining their love for comedy and their love for food, Sasha and Emma have created a web series that will speak to your inner chef, even if you hate cooking.

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